Do you want to bridge the gap with your kids and create a deep connection through the midst of a loud culture? Gateway Church has partnered with AXIS to bring you a library of resources that dig deep into Gen Z culture and provide you with ways to be in the know, be ready, and bridge the gap.

Axis is a powerful parenting teaching tool for families, parents, pastors, leaders, and teenagers. Since 2007, AXIS has seen consistent patterns and crafted what it thinks is an effective and efficient model of conversation. They want to be your research assistant in understanding student and pop culture so that you can be empowered to have deeper levels of conversations with your student.

All of our resources go through the filter of the One Conversation Model to help you have conversations with your kids. There are 4 main features of this tool:  The Culture Translator Premium (CTP), Parent’s Guides, Axis Summits, and Conversation Kits. Complete the contact form requesting access to use this free resource.

Culture Translator Premium (CTP)

The CTP is a FREE weekly newsletter to gain insight into how pop culture, technology, and media are influencing your student.

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Parent Guides

Parent Guides are short PDFs that help you understand the things your kids face, how to have conversations about them, and how to biblically disciple your kids into lifelong faith through it all. There are 100 different Parent Guides. Below are 12 different examples of topics they cover.

Conversation Kits

Conversation Kits are recorded presentations that take a deep look at BIG topics that kids are asking about. They speak the language of kids and utilize the mediums kids love to get them thinking about what truly matters. In each CK, you will get a discussion guide for each section of the video (typically 4 sections in one Conversation Kit) and a worksheet for kids (or parents!) to fill out with the answers for the leader!


Summits are our online conferences that have amazing lineups of Godly experts who care about kids and building lifelong faith in the next generation! They want to help caring adults, as a parent and faith leader build the bridge between them and their kids by providing expertise and wisdom with practical applications.

Axis One App

The Axis One app helps you to get the information you need to make tough conversations with your kids just a little bit easier.

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