At GTWY we equip and mobilize ordinary people to go and do extraordinary things in the name of Jesus so that all might see, hear and experience God’s love in tangible ways.  That ‘go and do’ is expressed in serving outside of ourselves.  When we serve the Body of Christ within the walls of our Church we call that ‘ministry.’  When we serve outside the border of our walls and campus we call that ‘mission.’

Embrace Mission

Partnership matters  We embrace mission through strategic partnerships with local and global community initiatives that care for the most vulnerable.  We embrace ministry by loving and serving those who belong to God’s family, and we embrace mission with those partners committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Presence matters  We embrace mission and ministry through authentic, vulnerable, and diverse relationship-building.   GTWY partners are trained to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus to a broken and hurting community.  The way we love one another is the best demonstration of the Gospel.

Personal Partnership
God’s master plan for making disciples is to ‘love your neighbor. GTWY is training its partners to invite their neighbors into the rhythms of their lives.   We dream of every partner opening their home and inviting their neighbors to have a personal relationship with them and with Jesus and inviting them to be a part of the GTWY family.

Local Partnership
Local ministries and missions already exist in our community.   GTWY chooses partnership and collaboration.   GTWY supports our partners prayerfully, financially and primarily by mobilizing our partners to be on mission as we serve our communities.

Global Partnership
GTWY continues to expand its global footprint by impacting the world as it partners with indigenous pastors and leaders and utilizes in-person and modern technology through digital mission training.  We mobilize our partners to build lasting in-person and digital relationships that provide hope and the opportunity to plant and train healthy, multiplying churches that are embracing mission in their local communities.

GTWY Mission Partners