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About The Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope engages Christian faith communities in ending family homelessness through neighboring relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love. Christian faith communities have a unique opportunity and role in ending the homelessness crisis in America today. Bridge of Hope trains and equips volunteers to respond to homelessness in practical, tangible, and neighboring ways. Bridge of Hope’s model of a Neighborhood Support is a 3-way partnership that includes a family facing homelessness, typically a mom and her children, 6-10 Neighboring Volunteers from a Christian faith community, and a Neighborhood Resource Specialist (case manager). Neighboring Volunteers work to build community with the family as well as utilize their social capital by connecting their personal and professional networks to a family in need of those resources. Together as a neighborhood, we can work to stabilize a family by finding safe and sustainable housing, building strong and resilient families and creating a community where supportive relationships occur.


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