Message: “038 Leading Behavioral Change” from Tony Villafane

A message from the series "The Influence Experiment ." We all want to see the best behavior coming out of our teammates, friends, followers, family members etc. But as much as we want to, we cannot control someone else’s attitude, actions, and habits. In leadership, the tension comes in trying to discern the line of where our responsibility ends and theirs begins. How do we coach those in our sphere of influence toward growth and behavioral excellence? What is the significance of asking the right questions, and leading them toward their goals and values without spoon-feeding it to them? How do we live in empowerment over enablement and how do we push people out of their comfort zone to overcome barriers in their life? How do we obtain desirable outcomes of our people without being controlling? All this and more will be answered by Behavioral Change Coach, Brittney Turpin!

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