Tony Villafane - May 1, 2024

054 Value Results and Relationships

Both results and relationships are critical for long-term organizational survival. Healthy leaders provide both challenge (results) and support (relationships) to their teams. They expect results and have very good relationships with those they lead. They are able to discern if they have a stronger bent toward results or relationships and look for ways to compensate in that bias. They actively include people around the table who are different in personality and skill set. Healthy leaders are intentionally invested in fostering accountability of results while simultaneously creating an atmosphere of appreciation, trust, honor, and mutual respect. They utilize team meetings effectively and do not waste time while team members walk away feeling valued and seen. They have an ability to discern whether the moment calls for a more “results- driven” decision or “relationships-driven” decision. To help us understand the complex intricacies of Value Results and Relationships is Project Manager Casie Asmus.

From Series: "Develop Leadership Podcast"

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