Tony Villafane - March 6, 2024

052 Serve Always

Healthy leaders serve always. They have a continuous eye to “see a need and meet a need”. They have an ability to discern who they should serve and how they go about serving them. They put others and the organization first. They live not out of “checklist” mentality but a true humble posture to serve others whatever it takes. They know their team’s needs and how to set them up for success. They do not covet the spotlight but are willing to serve in the background. Knowing that you can only lead others as far as you’ve been led yourself, healthy leaders also have an eagerness to embrace caring for their families and their finite body. They are disciplined to have good rhythms of sleep and rest. They are proactive to replenish their energy and “fill their tank” outside of work. They are disciplined in taking care of their emotional, mental, and physical health. Knowing an unhealthy self or family dynamic permeates into the workspace, they have appropriate work boundaries set up in order to “serve” the other priorities of their life. To help us understand the complex intricacies of Serve Always is Barbara Ranck.

From Series: "Develop Leadership Podcast"

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