Tony Villafane - May 3, 2023

042 Educational Equity

We would like to think in 2023 that “all things are equal”, but the fact of the matter is things are still not. We have made great strides toward equality, but there is still much work to be done. Education is one of those spheres that still requires much work. Steve Wilson is here to discuss with us how do we acknowledge the disparity in our racial educational equity and what can we do about it. We need to be informed on the pillars the of educational equity, about the difference between being “rich in equity” and “rich in diversity”, why our cultural context is crucial to understand, knowing the “opportunity gap” verse the “achievement gap”, and how possible educational inequity interacts with our faith in Jesus. In this conversation, ignorance is not let’s talk about it.

From Series: "Develop Leadership Podcast"

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