Influence is not a choice, but what you do with your influence is. Many people waste their influence, never realizing their potential or becoming apathetic to the impact they could have. Many more spend their influence, devoting their energies to a comfortable life without having to sacrifice much. But few people invest their influence, maximizing their potential while selflessly serving others. There is an art and science to this investment of influence. Those who want to be investors are daily learners of both the art and the science. Do you want to invest your influence? If so, then it’s time to experiment.

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Tony Villafane - September 6, 2023

046 How to Prevent Burnout

We live in a fast-paced, over stimulated, accomplishment driven world. Everyone is pursuing their dreams, the highest pay scale, the greatest title, the best accolades, the most social media clout, and for Christians, the most impact for the Kingdom of God. We feel like we are invincible and keep moving at the speed of lighting only to be rudely reminded by one thing….we are finite. Despite what we think, we do indeed have limited energy and capacity, but we live as if we don’t. Burnout can be a scary place to be as it can ruin your job, career, family, marriage, friendships, and your life. The scariest part is many of us are on the road to burnout, and we don’t even realize it. So how do we avoid and prevent burnout? That is a hefty and tall question to answer and that is why we have invited counselor Dave Wiedis to provide all the secrets on how to prevent burnout!

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