Influence is not a choice, but what you do with your influence is. Many people waste their influence, never realizing their potential or becoming apathetic to the impact they could have. Many more spend their influence, devoting their energies to a comfortable life without having to sacrifice much. But few people invest their influence, maximizing their potential while selflessly serving others. There is an art and science to this investment of influence. Those who want to be investors are daily learners of both the art and the science. Do you want to invest your influence? If so, then it’s time to experiment.

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Tony Villafane - July 6, 2022

032 Conflict, Confrontation, & Resolution.

Develop Leadership Podcast

Most of us if we are being honest feel incredibly uncomfortable with conflict. We would rather do most anything else than deal with conflict. And to make matters worse, when we decide to deal with conflict, we usually do not handle it well. Why are we so bad at conflict and confrontation? How is resolution possible when there has been deep hurt? What are the skills needed to traverse conflict discerningly? If conflict is an unescapable reality, how can we tactfully utilize it to aid us in our relationships, our leadership, our influence? All this and more and will processed with leadership coach Doc Ayers.

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