// life is better in circles.

One of our goals at Gateway is to move people from rows to circles. It can be impossible to truly connect on a Sunday morning in a room full of people. However, we desire all of our people to be connected to a group that meets on a regular basis and provides a space for each person to experience community. Each group is committed to encountering Jesus in the truth of Scripture, engaging in prayer together, and helping each other to embrace the mission that each of us has been called to pursue.

Both Life Groups & Discovery Groups share the same purpose and goals. Groups may study a book of the Bible, a Biblical theme, utilize a teaching video series, or follow a study guide that reviews a weekend conversation from one of Gateway’s pastors. Groups include time for social and service opportunities each semester. We have hundreds of people that connect in groups each week and we would love for you to be one of them!

Life Groups

Life Groups are encouraged to meet for at least a year together, over 3 concurrent semesters, Fall, Spring, & Summer. They may meet as often as desired but are encouraged to meet together at a minimum every other week. Each Life Groups creates its own schedule. Life Groups are open year-round.

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Discovery Groups

Discovery groups gather in one of three semesters during the year.  Each Fall, Spring, and Summer Discovery Groups launch for an eight to ten-week semester meeting weekly during this time period.

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