Why We Give

God wants to be first in every aspect of our lives—including our finances. Tithing isn’t about our money, it’s about our relationship with God. By bringing him our first 10% or a tithe, we’re demonstrating that we trust that he will provide for us. Malachi 3:10 tells us that when we tithe and bring back to God what is already His, He will bless us.

Give Now

Where Does My Tithe Go?

Giving to Gateway Church supports our General Fund which is the primary fund which supports the core ministries of the church, missions and community outreach.

Ways To Give

Cash or Check

Each weekend as part of our worship experience, we joyfully respond to God’s generosity towards us by placing checks or cash in the giving baskets which are typically passed around during our worship music time by our ushers.

Online Bill Pay

Use your bank’s bill pay feature to set up recurring donations at no charge to Gateway Church or you. Your bank’s online banking system should be able to guide your through this process. This is a good option because there is no fee and it happens automatically.


You can easily give or set up recurring gifts through our secure giving portal by bank transfer or credit card transaction. Click Here to Give Online. There are no hidden charges or fees for the giver but Gateway Church does incur a 3% charge for the credit card/ACH processing. Would you consider covering this fee?

5th Sunday Logo

5th Weekend Giving

Four times a year, we have the opportunity to designate 50% of our giving toward a specific ministry either within the church or an outside organization as approved by the Gateway Elders. We call this special weekend giving our “5th Weekend Giving.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are only a few people in accounting that see your giving. As a church, we record it because we are required to by IRS law. Your giving will never be posted or discussed publicly. Note: If you give cash, please put your money in an envelope and write your full name and address on it.

Yes. You will receive an annual giving statement from Gateway Church at the end of the year for yearly giving greater than $250. Because we are a 501c3 non-profit organization, you can count your donation to the General Fund for a tax deduction. Other items, such as event registrations or merchandise, are not tax deductible. Note: If you give cash, please put your money in an envelope and write your full name and address on it.

Contact Gateway Church Office at or 610-857-0720.