Gateway Code

We are a body of believers relentlessly following the Holy Spirit, helping people encounter Jesusexperience community, and embrace mission.

We believe everyone was created in the image of God.

We see disciple-making as the call of every believer.

We recognize the Bible as God’s absolute authority on our lives.

We will influence our community so that if we left it would be obvious.

We intentionally move people from rows to circles.

We craft weekend experiences so they impact lives on Monday.

We invest in children and students.

We feel the church is the safest place to address any subject.

We view stewardship through the lens of generosity.

We pursue excellence in everything so God gets the credit.

We strive to balance grace and truth.

We value to protect unity within the body.

We prioritize prayer as foundational and essential to everything we do.

We will not budge from the mission to make disciples;
everything else is just an experiment.

Marks of a Disciple

Obey God’s Word Completely

Love His Church Wholeheartedly

Follow the Holy Spirit Relentlessly

Seek the Lost Intentionally

Know Jesus Intimately