You can use this tool to guide you through the Scripture we will be looking at on Sunday.

This devotional tool takes you on a journey of heartfelt exploration and understanding of the Bible. You will learn to embrace the beauty of personal discovery and the application of timeless truths found in the scriptures. Each week, you will take your time to really dive into the text, uncover the richness of its historical and cultural context, get acquainted with the original language, and connect the dots within the broader biblical narrative.  You will learn to ask questions, make discoveries, and truly grasp the principles and truths within the text. Our hope is that you are equipped to study God’s Word on your own and cultivate a deep and personal relationship with Him.

This Week’s Devotional

2024 devotionals.

2024 devotionals.

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// someone who follows Jesus and leads others to do the same.

  • Knows Jesus Intimately
  • Follows the Holy Spirit Relentlessly
  • Obeys God’s Word Completely
  • Loves His Church Wholeheartedly
  • Seeks the Lost Intentionally


// someone who influences culture, inspires action, and equips others to do the same. 

  • Follow First
  • Serve Always
  • Cultivate Clarity
  • Value Results & Relationship
  • Humble Confidence

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2023 devotionals.