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Discovery Classes are 1-12 week classes designed to help you grow in your faith and that align with our mission to help people encounter Jesus, experience community, and embrace mission.

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Upcoming Classes – Disciple’s Journey Series

Once we accept God’s free gift of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus, the journey of following Jesus, or the process of sanctification begins. It’s a lifelong journey…of transformation, from self-absorbed consumer to a Christ-focused investor. To succeed in this journey requires intentional efforts toward growth. Gateway Church is offering a series of sign posts for this journey, a new Discovery Class called A Disciple’s Journey to find & follow the path Jesus laid out for us.

Sessions will meet Wednesday Nights from 7:00-8:30pm, on a repeated rotation. You can participate in all 6 tracks in sequential order, or plug into the tracks that most interest you, or best fit the needs in your current journey with Jesus. The entire class can be completed over 6 month’s time, in 24 weeks. Each track meets for 4 sessions. Here is a breakdown of the tracks, in sequential order:

Track 1 – A Growing FAITH

Getting to know Jesus, overcome temptation, deal with problems, seek His guidance, share my faith with others. What does it really mean to follow Jesus?

Track 2 – A Growing KNOWLEDGE

How to study the Bible in an organized, thoughtful way. Practical tips & tools will transform how you read God’s Word, for personal devotion, or preparing to teach others.

Track 3 – A Growing FREEDOM

If Jesus came to set us free, how do we handle emotional wounds from our past, difficult life issues that result from sin’s consequences? Deals with conflict, & how to renew our minds.

Track 4 – A Growing POWER

Every follower of Jesus is given the gift of God’s Holy Spirit. How does this Gift work itself out in our lives? What does it ;mean to cultivate the “fruit” of this Spirit in us?

Track 5 – A Growing FRUITFULNESS

Family is often attacked & undermined in our culture. When marriages & families are unhealthy, everyone suffers. This track focuses on healthy marriages & parenting skills.

Track 6 – A Growing IMPACT

If “everything rises & falls on leadership” then the follower of Jesus must be willing to share lessons from their journey with others. Receive resources to become God’s leader.