DEVELOP exists to grow life-long learners into healthy and holy leaders through timeless and transferrable leadership principles.

DEVELOP utilizes a series of books, podcasts, courses, and service experiences to help learners grow in their cognitive and practical leadership skills. This two-year program is for anyone who carries the posture of a learner, a servant, and a mover. Additionally, it will provide learners with a safe space to think through a Christ-centered worldview, to process through leadership principles and how to practically exercise them, and how to cultivate the gifts and personalities God has given them.

DEVELOP runs at all times throughout the year and learners can participate in activities as their schedule allows. There are three different tiers that are available to select from based on a person’s availability and interest. The three tiers are DEVELOP Intern, DEVELOP Learner, and DEVELOP A-La-Carte.

Tier 1 – DEVELOP Intern

The commitments are:

  • Committing for 1-2years, to the totality of the leadership development and practical ministry service of the DEVELOP program.
  • Fulfilling all academic requirements (seminars, discovery groups, books, etc.)
  • Serving and taking ownership of a ministry within Gateway
  • Meeting with Tony monthly for leadership development
  • Meeting regularly with Ministry Advisor for additional development and administration

Tier 2 – DEVELOP Learner

The commitments are:

  • Committing for 1-2 years to the totality of the leadership development piece of the DEVELOP program.
  • Fulfilling all academic requirements (seminars, discovery groups, books, etc.)
  • Consistency in serving at Gateway
  • Meeting with Tony quarterly for leadership development

Tier 3 – DEVELOP A-La-Carte

The commitments are:

  • Intentionally selecting DEVELOP academic opportunities as your time allows.
  • Seek out. time to connect with Pastor Tony as desired.
Academic Checklist

Leadership Podcast
Want to take a step now? Check out DEVELOP’s podcast The Influence Experiment; a monthly podcast around finding the art and science of building your influential capacity.  Explore Podcast HERE

I’m so thankful that the church offers DEVELOP leadership program. I have learned so much through meeting with Tony, going to the seminars, listening to the podcast, and working on my spiritual health and character. When I say this program is for everyone, I am a living testimony of that. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this program. You will learn and grow and become a fruitful leader!

- Philip Saggese -

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