// celebrating God’s generosity by giving extravagantly.

When there are 5 Sundays in a month 50% of our generosity goes right back out the door and into the community to impact lives in the name of Jesus.


// for the one experiencing homelessness

This month’s giving will be going to Brandywine Valley Active Aging and The Oaks Ministry

Many in our community are facing the harsh reality of homelessness and struggling to find sustainable, affordable housing. Due to several factors such as age and physical limitations, maintaining steady employment is challenging, and living in cars, shelters, or on the streets further deteriorates their quality of life. This creates a difficult cycle of needing income to save for the required first and last month’s rent and security deposit if they do find housing.


Brandywine Valley Active Aging (BVAA) is dedicated to helping seniors in the Coatesville and Downingtown areas overcome these challenges. BVAA provides appropriate job placement, helps find suitable housing, and assists with the upfront costs of securing a home.

BVAA operates senior centers in both Coatesville and Downingtown. With an on-site chef, they can provide buffet breakfast and hot lunches, both dine-in and to-go, from Monday to Friday. Their centers also offer weekly exercise classes, arts and crafts, games, fresh produce, trips, and more. Additionally, their team provides housing case management, application assistance, SNAP and Medicaid sign-ups, and general information and assistance services.


The Oaks Ministry is dedicated to providing transitional housing and Christian-based support services for women actively working towards financial stability and personal growth. They are committed to empowering women through faith and practical assistance, helping them navigate challenging periods and achieve long-term stability.


By generously giving, we are able to provide help to a frequently overlooked part of our community—seniors who are struggling and to women in need. Your generosity will help individuals in our area secure sustainable housing after they have participated in financial counseling in order to improve their quality of life. Our hope is to provide the hope of a next meal or a warm place to sleep, which can open the door to the hope of Jesus.

I want to celebrate generosity

*Your donation is tax-deductible and will be used to support Brandywine Valley Active Aging and The Oaks Ministry. BVAA funds will be designated for the following purposes only: funding the securing of sustainable housing for senior citizens who are on the BVAA caseload and have participated in financial counseling. The Oaks Ministry contributions are made with the understanding that the organization has complete discretion and control over their use.


We are for the one.

For the one God, for His one Church, and for the one that is lost.

Your 5th Sunday generosity is for the one.

We believe our generosity will help meet physical needs that open the door for the proclamation and reception of the gospel of Jesus Christ.