// celebrating God’s generosity by giving extravagantly.

When there are 5 Sundays in a month 50% of our generosity goes right back out the door and into the community to impact lives in the name of Jesus.


// this one is for the educators. 

One of the key principles in the Gateway Code is our commitment to “invest in children and students.” This value is deeply ingrained in our KidMin and student programs, and we believe that our local educators share this commitment as well. Our school teachers dedicate themselves daily to nurturing, loving, investing in, and equipping the NOW generation of students, our precious children. Imagine the impact if they knew that the local church was here to shower them with love, support, prayer, and encouragement.

We want our teachers to feel valued and cherished for their incredible work. Through your 5th Sunday generosity, we will be providing a $30 gift to every elementary school educator we can reach. This gesture is a heartfelt way to express our gratitude, spread some joy, and offer encouragement as we head into the fall and winter months. A portion of this gift will be in the form of a gift card to a local coffee shop, allowing them to enjoy a well-deserved treat (we’re big fans of supporting local businesses – a huge shoutout to Athena’s and Poured Out Cafe). The other part of the gift will be an Amazon gift card, offering them the flexibility to purchase resources for themselves or their classrooms or even get something they’ve been wishing for. It’s our way of saying thank you and making their journey a little brighter.

I want to celebrate generosity

We are for the one.

For the one God, for His one Church, and for the one that is lost.

Your 5th Sunday generosity is for the one.

We believe our generosity will help meet physical needs that open the door for the proclamation and reception of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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